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Rogoznica, a warm and quiet town at the end of North Dalmatia. It extends for almost 50 km of coastline, and it’s the perfect place to relax with your family and friends. Eager boaters are drown to one of the safest and loveliest ports on the Adriatic.



Just a few metres from the beautiful pebble and stone beach, this holiday home with pool is perfect for a family holiday. As the property is fenced and toys are provided, children will enjoy their stay. The well-designed interiors of the house offer plenty of comfort. Visit the town centre of Rogoznica and participate in some leisure activities. The marina in Rogoznica is popular among tourists.



Book direktly on web for the best price!

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Rogoznica is the 'Heart of Dalmatia"

Rogoznica has 54 km long coastline and geographic position located in the center of Dalmatia, moreover, it is the most protruded part of the Croatian mainland which penetrates deeply into the Adriatic Sea

Rogoznica separates North and South Adriatic, which is extremely emphasized by very specific climatological behavior in this area, or more precisely at the Rogoznica’s cape Planka, where we have a direct combat of different climates, winds and sea currents, or locally said, fight of ‘Bura and Jugo’ (northern and southern wind).

Uniqueness of the island surrounded by land on all sides

With its location Rogoznica represents a perfect location, a great starting point for all excursions in the closer and wider area (when accommodated in Rogoznica, you can make daily trips to all most popular destinations, even to Dubrovnik at south or National Park Plitvice at north)

Rogoznica is a great starting point on the mainland, and even better at the sea, because beside of its outstanding location, it is the safest harbor on the Adriatic Sea



Welcome to our website! Book direktly on web for the best price!